Day 49: Memories of You and Me… Lihue

This is it. Our last weekend in Hawaii. Do I tear up when I think about leaving? Yup. But not only is it our last weekend, it’s our anniversary weekend. That means we have to live it up island style! We started with a 5:15 a.m. flight to Kauai. Because nothing says good times like getting up at 4 a.m.

After a quick flight we picked up our rental car at the Kauai airport and headed to Kalaheo Cafe and Coffee Company because priorities. We split a sweet potato muffin that was heavenly and I got my usual eggs-bacon-hash browns breakfast. We washed it all down with their iced coffee that was actually served over coffee ice cubes. It was sooo good!

We stopped by the Lihue Lighthouse; we originally wanted to visit it up close but we couldn’t figure out how to get to it. So we settled for pictures.


Next up we visited Spouting Horn State Park and got to see more chickens than I’ve ever seen in my life in addition to the natural blowhole.


We made our way to Poipu Beach where we saw a monk seal that I originally thought was dead until the volunteer conservationist informed me that seals can hold their breath for up to 15 minutes and they typically nap pretty hard when they come up on the beaches. I feel like I need to reiterate, though, I SAW A WILD SEAL LIVE, UP CLOSE, AND IN PERSON.

After that we went to Shipwreck Beach to hike the cliffs, and every second of it was breathtaking and picturesque.

Thanks to being a millennial asshole on my cell phone in paradise, I received a Facebook recommendation to check out Queen’s Bath, which Mike promptly researched on his phone. Because millennial assholes. LOL

Mike discovered in his research that the hike to Queen’s Bath was quite muddy, so we went to a local Long’s Drugs to buy some $10 water shoes. They were not cute.

We headed to Kauai Beer Company for a flight, T-shirts, snap koozies, and local conversation. We met a guy who spends half his time in Alaska and half in Hawaii!

At this point in our trip we had to exchange our rental car, as it had a turn signal out. We didn’t realize it until Mike flicked it on and it was clicking crazy fast on the dash. After exchanging the car we checked into our Airbnb where Mike realized he left his slippas in the last rental car. So we drove back to the rental shop AGAIN to retrieve those.


After our various car adventures we headed to Lava Lava, which Mike had scoped out on a work trip during our first few weeks in Hawaii.

No, seriously. This is the view from the bar patio.

Our waitress was very Irish and she recommended that we head out to Queen’s Bath well before dark to avoid treacherous hiking. So we scarfed down the rest of our delicious pupus and headed out.

When we got to the trailhead for Queen’s Bath there were cars parked in all seven of the available spots so we double parked and crossed our fingers before hitting the trail.The trail actually wasn’t too muddy, but there were a lot of roots and steep drops so we treaded carefully anyway. The path was longer than I expected and not super well marked but there were a lot of other people on it so we were able to find our way without much struggle.

What we first ran into was a very rough inlet getting pretty big waves crashing into it, but we walked on and found the actual Queen’s Bath, which was remarkably calm. We hopped in and made good use of our waterproof phone bags while enjoying the occasional big wave breaking over the wall, new friends, and curious fish.


We hiked back out amongst a few wild chicken fights and stopped by Chicken in a Barrel for some unexpectedly religious barbecue chicken takeout (our server wrote “John 3:16” on our styrofoam container–okie doke!). Back at the Airbnb we scarfed down our takeout with some of our new favorite Korean beverage: soju!



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