Day 44: Playing Tour Guide

On our last full day with our friend before Mike and I go back to our regularly scheduled work life tomorrow, we played ultimate tour guides. I insisted we grab some Spam and egg musubi to go from the ABC next door because I’ve become a little enamored of it.

We went to Shark’s Cove for some snorkeling where Mike and our friend tested out the little dry bags we bought for our phones as I was entirely too skeptical to put my new iPhone 7 Plus into a glorified Ziploc bag. Everyone’s phones fared just fine, though, and they got some great footage and pictures that I’m insanely envious of. I did get this sweet screen grab of me from some of Mike’s footage for your enjoyment.

2016-09-25 21.08.41.png

After snorkeling we stopped off at a little local beach where people say you can see honu sunning themselves on the beach, but I think we were either too early or too late for that because there was nary a turtle to be found. We did go on a little adventure of the surprise variety and I want to toot my own horn here because 1) This is my blog, and 2) I’ve been trying really hard to become a more patient, calm, Zen person and this was my moment to shine…

Mike set the keys on his flip-flops on the beach to snap a few pics and forgot they were there when he grabbed his shoes to walk along the beach, effectively dumping them somewhere in the ocean. We walked up and down the beach for about 10 minutes or so before he realized he didn’t have the keys. He frantically started walking down the beach, asking people if they had seen the keys while our friend immediately wanted to call the rental agency and wait for help. I decided to just look for the keys because the waves weren’t big and they were washing the same bits of shell and stones back and forth so maybe the keys were enjoying the same fate? Lo and behold: I spotted the blue tag of the rental agency bobbing in the surf and snatched them up. It was fun to play hero and even more fun to be in a situation that normally would have caused me to panic and jump to worst-case scenario mode immediately. Sometimes it’s hard to see all the progress you’re making when you’re so close to it, and this made me realize that my efforts are paying off. Super stoked!

Also of note: This weekend was the first weekend we got such a bargain model car that it didn’t come with an electronic fob and for that I am so, so grateful because if we’d dropped that in the ocean, we would’ve had a much less happy story to tell. hahaha

After our unplanned excitement we headed into Hale’iwa to walk around and shop and grab drinks and basically just do touristy stuff. We had lunch at Kua Aina, where the portions were huge and the food was delicious.


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