Day 42: Making Friends Everywhere We Go

When we found out we lucked into a two-bedroom condo for our time here, we immediately offered it up to pretty much anyone who wanted to come out. This weekend one of our friends from Philly took us up on that offer and paid us a visit.

While our friend was out exploring today, Mike and I enjoyed lunch at Da Smoke House, which is conveniently located next to our favorite nearby grocery store The Food Pantry. The food was good, the drinks were reasonable, and the service was super friendly.

We met up with our friend and headed over to Beer Lab HI, which came highly recommended to us by a friend at last weekend’s beach cleanup after party. I guess this place doesn’t usually make the same beers twice unless they’re fan favorites, so the taps are always rotating out. It was pretty standard, to be honest, but we still had a good time.

We skipped across the street to Tropics Tap House for another round of beers, this time ordering some non-local stuff because I’m fairly certain we’ve tried every beer made on Oahu.

We stopped by Island Scoops, which was oddly quiet for a hot, Friday evening in a college town. I got some anko (sweet red bean paste) ice cream that was absolutely heavenly.

Our last stop of the night was at the Imua Lounge. Mike and I stopped in there a couple weeks ago for a quick beer and the owner was so, so sweet to us that we had to come back. They were apparently hosting a large birthday party that night, but the owner said she had a spare table we could have because hospitality is a very real, very serious thing in Hawaii. The night started off with some karaoke and a free plate of pork chops because the owner’s girlfriend heard us talking about them and I guess she didn’t want hers–so she just gave them to us. It was sliced and in some sort of dreamy sauce with veggies and the three of us scarfed it down like we’d never eaten before it was so good. After karaoke there was a live band who was fronted by the sister of the gentleman whose birthday party we were unknowingly attending. We chatted with several people in the bar–the owner, the regulars, the band members–and I cannot stress enough how friendly and welcoming everyone was. Nights out are so much more fun when everyone wants to have a good time together.


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