Day 35: Fish and Poi (I’m a Big Boy)

Having been on Oahu for more than a month at this point, it dawned on me how ridiculous it is that I haven’t had any legit Hawaiian food yet. Granted, it’s a little harder to find than I originally anticipated. A lot of places around here have some local dishes on the menu, but I have yet to eat somewhere that offered lau lau or poi. Tonight we remedied that at Highway Inn and it was absolutely delicious.

Starting top left and going clockwise: side salad, Okinawan sweet potato, haupia, poi, and chicken lau lau. You already know I love salad and sweet potatoes, so those aren’t anything to spend time on, but the haupia is something I didn’t think I would like because it’s dangerously close to a pudding/whipped cream/Jell-O hybrid. Turns out its flavor was delicate enough and its consistency firm enough that I ate almost all of it. Poi is another dish I was thinking I wouldn’t care for because everyone has told me that it’s bland and paste-like; however, the poi here has just enough tang to it that it functions really, really well as like a Greek yogurt/sour cream type of sauce for the lau lau and sweet potatoes. Lastly, the lau lau was wonderful. The chicken was tender, the leaves weren’t tough–it was just good. Coupled with the very friendly and attentive staff, this is probably one of the few places I liked so much I’d go back for a second visit.


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