Day 30: Hike, Hike, Catamaran!

Today was my favorite day on Oahu thus far. We got up crazy-early to drive the rental to Diamond Head. Despite arriving before the park even opened, we sat in a line of about a dozen vehicles waiting to park… some of which were large buses full of Japanese tourists. So even though we were at the park before it opened, our hike was downgraded to a slow march behind people taking selfies. You can’t win ’em all, I guess.

At the recommendation of a new friend we stopped at Diamond Head Market & Grill for our first Spam and Egg musubi and a blueberry/cream cheese scone. Both were so, so delicious. Who would have guessed I’d love something that was made of Spam and rice?

After our breakfast stop we had the energy to tackle a second hike: Manoa Falls. We ended up getting there early enough that nobody was collecting parking fees so we scored some sweet free parking. I love, love, loved this hike. It wasn’t long. It wasn’t particularly challenging other than a few muddy spots. But the falls were gorgeous and the hike was relatively quiet and secluded and the flora was unreal. It was like being in a rain forest.

Our last activity of the day was a catamaran tour. Mike bought our tickets on Groupon before we even left for Hawaii so this was something we’d been trying to factor into our schedule for a while. If there’s a heaven, part of it includes a Waikiki catamaran. The tour was 90 minutes, the weather was gorgeous, the water was calm, and it was pretty much unfettered bliss as we sailed along and I forgot about everything that wasn’t the ocean.




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