Day 29: We Are… Up Really, Really Early for Penn State!

Last weekend we were on the Big Island so we missed the first game of the season. Determined not to make it a habit to miss the games, we found a local bar that opens up at 5:30 a.m. so those of us who want to watch East Coast college football have a home. We got to Rivals a little after kickoff and we were the only people in the bar save for employees!

People trickled in gradually. I imagine they get a better crowd for night games, but we had a good time. We had breakfast and iced coffee before enjoying any beer–I like to drink during football as much as the next American, but 6 a.m. is a wee bit early, even for me. The game was incredibly exciting and our little group at the bar was really fired up and into it. Clearly a win would have been nice, but there is something so, so good about watching a game with other Penn Staters. There was a very palpable ohana vibe, even so far from home. That’s probably my favorite thing about the Penn State community… that it can make you feel at home regardless of how far you are from Happy Valley.

We were supposed to help with a beach cleanup on the North Shore after the game, but I neglected to realize how long of a drive that was so we missed it. We were able to make it up there for a barbecue that a few friends were having, and it was nice to get to hang out and meet more cool people.



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