Day 24: Breakfast with Dolphins and Snorkeling with Honu

For our last day on Big Island, we started with breakfast at Huggo’s. It had good reviews online, was right on the water, and opened early. I got a breakfast bake and it was okay but I wouldn’t get it again. The best part about Huggo’s is its location on the water–I saw dolphins swimming in the distance for about 10 minutes during our meal. It was awesome!

Snorkel Bob’s is right next door so we headed over to rent snorkel gear. This place is a huge improvement from the last place we rented; the equipment was in much better shape and the employee who helped us was a lot more knowledgeable. We only paid a few bucks more and they even let us borrow some defogger for our goggles. There’s a location on Oahu that we’ll probably rent from next time.

We snorkeled Kahalu’u Bay first and it was out of this world. We saw half a dozen sea turtles–and they got pretty close to us. I actually had to swim away from a couple to give them space (they’re endangered and you are NOT allowed to touch them; I didn’t want to risk bumping into one during a rough wave). There were a ton of fish everywhere but there were also very large rocky areas that were too tall to swim over. We snorkeled around for about an hour and decided to check out another spot.


We went to Anaeho’omalu Bay because it was on the way to Hawi, but visibility there was TERRIBLE. I couldn’t see more than two feet in front of me. We tried a few spots, but the whole beach was pretty murky. We did see an eel hiding out under a bridge on the way to the beach, so that was pretty cool.

We ended our day with a visit to Hawi, which is a cool little town full of local shops and restaurants. We bought some gifts for people and did a lot of walking around. We also ate at Sushi Rock, which I can’t recommend highly enough. Our server was awesome. The food was awesome. The drinks… were awesome! Everything was so good.


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