Day 23: Fantasy Football Island

After a very, very long day of flying, hiking, and eating our way around the Big Island we needed to sleep in just a little. Once we were conscious/functional, we polished off the rest of our mochi and headed into town to visit Kona Mountain Coffee for some mind-blowing cold brew coffee at a disturbingly affordable price (the price we paid at Kona for the best cold brew coffee I’ve ever had = what we pay for the garbage iced coffee we buy in our building’s McDonald’s when we run out and are desperate).

We drove into “downtown” Kona to check out the shops, but it was still a bit early and not much was open so we opted for breakfast at Bongo Ben’s, where we sat at the restaurant’s edge and looked out onto the main road/the beach. I got huevos rancheros and they were a joy and a delight. After that we shopped and walked around for a while–one place we visited was a fruit stand where a woman whose English was not amazing somehow up-sold us from one papaya to two papayas, two rambutans, a mangosteen, and about six limes without us realizing it until the fruit was in the bag. We popped into Humpy’s for a quick beer overlooking the beach before heading back to the Airbnb for Mike’s fantasy football draft.

Originally I was going to tool around the island by myself while Mike drafted, but I was tired and had a little bit of sunburn from the volcano hike and ended up sort of half-napping instead. Sometimes you just need to relax. I attempted to cut up the fruit from the stand, but I completely butchered it. We ate it anyway and frankly–like much of the fruit I’ve purchased on the islands–it was meh, which is something that has surprised me. The pineapple and the rambutans we’ve had were good, but we’ve had papaya, mango, and dragon fruit here that have not been nearly as tasty as what I regularly get on the mainland. The mind boggles.

Once the draft was over we headed over to Kona Brewing Company’s pub/brewery for a few beer flights and some dinner. We got poke for an appetizer and it was a gigantic portion that I was not expecting–it was delicious. The pizza we ordered looked better than it tasted, but I was hungry so it hit the spot. Mostly.


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