Day 21: Date Night Even Though Every Night Is Date Night

I don’t particularly care for the phrase “date night” because it implies that Mike and I have to schedule time and/or make an effort to have a nice night out when the reality is that our lifestyle affords us the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company at the drop of a hat for as long as we like. But tonight we did drinks and then dinner and a movie so it felt right to call it a date night. Even if I don’t like the terminology. 😛

In typical Mike-and-Jess fashion, we planned nothing for our excursion into Waikiki so we walked onto the strip before any happy hours had officially started. Because we’re here for another month, we’re trying to only go out when things are somewhat affordable so we walked around looking at things until happy hour started.

Actually, we wandered around looking for one specific bar for so long that happy hour had started when we finally found it. Mai Tai Bar at the Royal Hawaiian is right on the beach; it serves free, delicious snacks in the form of peanuts coated in rice cracker and wasabi (pictured above); and its drinks are marvelous. After enjoying our drinks and snacks, we frolicked on the beach for a minute before heading to the bar at Sky Waikiki, which was a little more upscale than I was prepared for. You pretty much couldn’t sit anywhere outside unless you bought bottle service/reserved a spot. There were two high-tops (sans chairs) that were awkwardly close to each other for us commoners, and folks had already huddled around those. We went inside and had a decent cocktail while we hung out.

On the swanky side of Sky Waikiki before relegating ourselves to the regular folk section for drinks. 

Sometime last week Mike and I promised each other we’d watch a movie that’s been in our Netflix queue for probably years–Jiro Dreams of Sushi—while we gorged on our own bargain basement sushi. Tonight was that night. We bought the baller platter from Aloha Sushi (which was still less than $40 and an obscene amount of food for two people, because America) and watched a documentary about a man who was so obsessed with his career as a sushi chef he had a terrible relationship with his sons and possibly killed and/or estranged his wife. We don’t know what happened to her because the doc never told us anything about her. She was just a vessel for his children and also their caretaker while while he was working 16-hour days at his restaurant, I guess. I’m now much more interested in her story than anyone depicted in the film.



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