Day 18: A Mall so Big You Can Drive Through It

As part of attempting to reel in our spending just a tad we’ve been trying to only go out during happy hour. A couple of our friends wanted to meet up at a place in Ala Moana Center so I attempted to work it out so that dinner was on the table when Mike got home and we could go out directly after, just narrowly arriving on time and without the desire to purchase bar food. Except his bus was late and we ended up scarfing down room-temperature dinner and being late anyway. Such is life.

Mike and I had a hell of a time finding The Pizza Lounge/V Lounge/The Lounge HI. Probably because Google doesn’t even know what it’s called (frankly, I’m fuzzy on that as well, and they don’t have a website). After some frantic searching and a few walking U-turns, we walked in to find our friends were already done with this establishment. The place was empty except for us, which is something I haven’t seen in two weeks here. The place was out of half the items on the menu and there was some sort of bizarre collection of trash and recycling bins in the corner near the booths. The waitress was super, super sweet but we peaced out in favor of what’s quickly becoming one of my favorite places to go for happy hour…

Mai Tai Bar! This place is fantastic. It’s on the top level of Ala Moana Center (a.k.a. the biggest mall ever*) and it’s open air but covered, which is good because the hurricane brought some rain with it. Mai Tai Bar has good mai tais (I mean, you’d hope so) on special for happy hour in addition to some other drinks, beer, and pupu.

* That’s hyperbole. Our friend DID say it’s the largest open-air mall in America, though. So there’s that.


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