Day 15: Our Two-Week Alohaversary Was Full of Roxy

We got up at six this morning to get an early jump on the day that ended up being delayed a bit by a post office SNAFU that has resulted in us not receiving our mail for two weeks. Anyhoo…

We ate a hearty breakfast in the condo and headed to Lanikai for the pillbox hike. The hike was not particularly difficult, but it was definitely hot enough that I worked up a serious sweat. We were somehow always within earshot of a group that decided to force their obese nine-year-old to do something outdoorsy and this kid cried, whined, screamed, and generally pitched a fit for the entire hour-long hike. And we heard every second of it. But we still had a great time and the views were unreal.

Prior to our hike, we unknowingly scored a sweet parking spot right next to an entrance to Lanikai Beach, so we grabbed our towels and went to what turned out to be the most amazing beach either of us has ever been on. The water was the perfect temperature, crystal clear, and calm. There weren’t even any rocks in the water. It was exactly what you picture in your mind when you think of those beaches on postcards.

2016-08-27 10.21.32.jpg

After our active morning of hiking and swimming we rewarded ourselves with lunch at Kalapawai Cafe–complete with Lanikai Brewing Company’s Pillbox Porter because it was too appropriate to pass up. While at the cafe we both got “Da Skinny” special which was Kalua imu-style pork on a taro roll. The sign in the cafe claimed it would “break da mouth” (which is pidgin for food that’s exceptionally delicious) and that was not false advertising. 11/10 would eat again. Even the roll. YOLOHA! We also made friends with a delightful retired military couple who regaled us with tales of their travels. I love everyone here. Our server informed us that Lanikai Brewing actually had a tasting room right down the street so we headed there next.

We made friends at Lanikai Brewing Company and one of the employees showed up with her eight-week-old puppy named Roxy and everyone in the tasting room promptly lost their minds at how cute this dog was.

Continuing our newfound Roxy theme, we visited the Roxy surf shop downtown to discover they unfortunately do not have dog apparel. Sorry, Roxy Marie! We checked out a few more shops before heading back to Honolulu.

A few miles before the condo we stopped at Honolulu Beerworks to try their wares and, as luck would have it, our waitress’ name was Roxy! There was a nice little private patio off to the side where we enjoyed our flight and watched the little lizards run around.





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