Day 14: We Missed the Fireworks… Again

Every Friday night the Honolulu Hilton puts on fireworks. Arriving on a Saturday meant we just missed it our first weekend here. Last weekend we totally forgot about them and *heard* them from our condo, but we couldn’t see them. Tonight, after confirming with a hotel security guard that we could see them from our pool deck, we headed up to enjoy some fireworks only to realize that they were very low and the hotel across the street from us totally obscured them. So next week we’ll see fireworks! But before that…

To celebrate Aloha Friday pau hana we went to The Modern Honolulu’s pool bar, which is apparently open to the public (and is a bit of a secret as it’s not even on their website). Their cocktails were a bit bougie for my taste, but the atmosphere was good.

We put on our adventurous pants and stopped in to what I’m calling our new bargain basement sushi joint–both because the prices are unbelievably low and it’s basically in the basement of our building. Aloha Sushi is so small I can’t even find its website, but we were able to get a delicious 30-piece platter for $20 in about 15 minutes. I want to go there every night. It’s so convenient and inexpensive that I’m beside myself with excitement.

So we ate our sushi and missed the fireworks again and I guess it wasn’t a bad little Friday.


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