Day 12: Getting into the Groove

So you probably noticed that days 10 and 11 are absent; that’s because we’re settling into what is our new normal for two months. Monday and Tuesday were as average as can be expected when you’ve uprooted your entire life to work halfway across the globe. My mornings have been spent getting up before the sun to drag myself to the dining room table where I answer emails bleary-eyed and wrapped in a blanket. In no way is that supposed to elicit any feelings of sympathy–I’m merely attempting to explain that as I have gotten used to the time difference, I feel slightly less enthralled by my 5 a.m. start to the day. At least there are pretty sunrises and iced coffee!

Mike’s days at work have been long, as is understandable when one is filling in a temporary position that had been vacant for a bit at an office with an already small staff. I’ve been filling my afternoons with riveting things like doing laundry, walking to Walmart for odds and ends, and attempting to get back into my running routine. Again, don’t even try to feel sorry for me because even when I’m on a conference call at 4:30 a.m., struggling through mile three, or vacuuming, I get to look at this:


But I’m not going to bore you with a daily post when there isn’t anything neat to share. You certainly don’t want to read about how many loads of laundry I did any more than I want to write about it.

Tonight we found the most glorious hole-in-the-wall tavern (Harbor Pub) that has the least expensive happy hour I think we’ll find on Oahu: a mai tai for $3.75? I’m in! We got nachos for dinner because they were also on special for happy hour. YOLOHA!

We ventured down the beach (and got a sweet sunset photo on the way) a little bit for one more bev before bed and found ourselves at Hale Koa’s Barefoot Bar, which claims to have Hawaii’s best mai tai, but I ordered something called Tropical Itch because it had bourbon in it. To my surprise it also came with a back scratcher!

We got back to the condo around 8 p.m. and I got the brilliant idea that because Mike still hadn’t been to the Magic Island Lagoon with me, we should totally go that very minute. The park is open until 10 p.m. so it’s not like we were doing anything kapu. Fortunately the barrier around the lagoon makes the water calm and largely inaccessible to sharks so being in the dark wasn’t really all that dangerous.


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