Day Nine: Polo Is More Than a Clothing Line by Ralph Lauren

We made our way up to the North Shore for the first time today to meet up with a gal Mike went to high school with in Colorado (small world!). We stopped by Kualoa Park because it was on the way and looked interesting. I’m glad we did because we were able to have a good look at Mokoli’i (also known as Chinaman’s Hat) AND we found a couple little chunks of coral washed up on the beach!


We met up with our friends at Roy’s Beach House where we had beer and wings, both of which were delightful and reasonably priced. We hopped in the car again and drove to the Hawaii Polo Club to meet up with some folks who were tailgating.

Polo is so unfamiliar to me, but I was thankfully not alone. Most of the people I talked to admitted that they just go for the tailgate aspect. And it’s on the beach, too, so if you get hot or bored you can go for a dip. It rained quite a bit while we were there, which I was told is uncommon for this time of year in our location, but you know what they say about a rainy day at the beach…

Most of the driving we did was very scenic, but I have to say I’m definitely surprised by how long it takes to get most places. I think it’s because in my mind if you can theoretically drive across the ENTIRE island of Oahu in an hour and a half–it shouldn’t take 45 minutes to get most places. But it does, and it’s okay because the drive is usually pretty enough to distract my East Coast brain as it wonders if we’re there yet and what’s taking so long.


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