Day Eight: Valley of the Temples

Having been struggling with my mortal sunburn wounds and also a bit of sleep deprivation thanks to my inability to go to bed early enough for a 4:45 a.m. wake-up call… I decided that I’d sleep in as late as possible today. Which wasn’t even really that long because I’d volunteered to help Mike with his work even this morning. Regardless, I think I at least got a solid eight hours and it was heavenly.

We had a very successful morning at Mike’s work event, but we did get a later start on the day than we’d anticipated. We stopped at our neighborhood ABC store for some after-sun lotion and a coverup for my seventh-degree sunburn, which still hurts like whoa and is hella swollen, before packing for our day trip to Kailua Beach/Valley of the Temples.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that my darling husband–whom I love more than anyone or anything on this planet bar none–spent approximately half an hour of our day figuring out how to connect his phone to the rental car’s Bluetooth. He did it, but we literally sat idle for 30 minutes of daylight while it happened because it is the most counterintuitive thing either of us has ever seen. Anyway…

Our day at Valley of the Temples started out great–we got a personal escort up the property on a golf cart after the shuttle didn’t have room for us. VIP! This place is probably among the most beautiful locations I’ve ever visited in person. It’s a currently functioning cemetery in addition to being a site for a few churches/temples. Today was actually the Obon festival so admission was free and there was a ton of really cool stuff going on while we were there.


After we’d seen all of the Valley, we hit up Kailua Beach. Every time I think I’ve seen the prettiest thing in nature ever… we go somewhere new on the island and I change my mind. The water was very choppy, but it didn’t have big waves. Everyone was in the water and having a good time and the water itself was a sandy turquoise against the overcast sky. It wasn’t too hot and while there were a fair number of people there–it wasn’t loud at all.

2016-08-20 18.01.46

On the way back to the condo we stopped at Dave’s Hawaiian Ice Cream where I got ube (purple sweet potato) ice cream (mild, but good) and then Kailua Town Pub & Grill for yet another mai tai (sweeter than I like, but very drinkable) and some nachos (a smaller-than-usual portion, but they were delicious).


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