Day Seven: Our First Aloha Friday

Mike worked from home with me today–he was supposed to get the day off but with his position being an interim one he has a lot to do so he opted to log on from the condo and play catch-up. Once the workday was done he picked up a weekender rental car and we hit up the closest Safeway for a much-needed weekly grocery run that ended up being double what ours normally is on the mainland. Yikes! At least there was a rainbow for us to enjoy from the parking deck (pictured above).

We then headed to a nearby barbecue hosted by one of our new friends where we coincidentally made even more new friends. I cannot stress enough how genuinely friendly everyone is here. I am striving more than ever to emulate that because I think it’s amazing and years of being a quasi-East-Coaster have made me jaded and callous and horrible. I brought my favorite party snack to the barbecue–bacon-wrapped dates, which were a big hit. It’s always a nice ego boost when whatever I bring to a party gets eaten voraciously. It’s the little things, I guess.

When the barbecue was done we hit up our neighborhood ABC store for some meat/cheese munchies. We had charcuterie on the lanai before bed and it was delightful.


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