Day Five: Aimless Wandering in the General Direction of Diamondhead

Today’s pau hana adventure started with a walk to Diamondhead. I didn’t actually do the hike because a four-mile walk out there was enough. I hit up some shops on the way back and got a swimsuit coverup and the obligatory tourist sundress in an obnoxious sunset/palm tree pattern. Walking past Waikiki beach makes me all the more excited to go. The water there is painfully turquoise. It looks Photoshopped IRL.

Mike flew to Kauai for work today and when he got home we both decided we weren’t feeling the salmon and zucchini waiting for us in the fridge. We went to Tiki’s Grill & Bar where we started with their “famous” 1944 Mai Tai (it tasted like straight up sour mix to me, but different strokes). We opted for apps for dinner and all three were heaven on a plate: prime rib poke, coconut shrimp, and tuna tartare. Dear lord, just yes. Yes to all the food at Tiki’s. We’ve already had some good food here, but I think this meal was the first to make me close my eyes and have a moment with the first bite.

I made the rookie mistake of thinking I could walk a couple of miles in my podiatrist-approved flip-flops (slippas, as the locals are wont to call them) and I came home from dinner to a blister the size of a quarter on the sole of my foot. Guess I’ll take it easy tomorrow–good thing there’s a beach across the street!


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