Day Four: Magic Island Is Made of Actual Magic

I’ve been eyeing up the little lagoon I can see from our bedroom since we got here, and today I finally went!

Magic Island Lagoon as seen from our bedroom window during sunrise

Because I work until one, it’s pretty much always hot and sunny when I head out on my adventures, but today that was great because I got to take a dip.

The lagoon is nice for people like me who can’t swim through waves. I mean, I’m really quite terrible at it. I understand the mechanics–a wave comes at you and you dive/swim through it to not drown. But I panic every. Single. Time. The last time I was in the ocean was in Ocean City, Maryland, and I failed yet again to dive into a rather large swell. It ended up taking me under, flipping me over a few times, taking my sunglasses, and nearly taking the bottom half of my bathing suit with it as it dragged me across the stony bottom. I emerged bleeding and terrified. Needless to say: I like this gentle little pool that still has some waves in it but is basically the PG version of the ocean.


We did happy hour with some more new friends at BLT Steak. And yes, unfortunately, it is in the Trump hotel but the drinks were reasonable and the food was good. We ended up calling it an early night because we both have early, early work events in the morning.



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