Day Three: Workin’ Hard for the Money

We haven’t been able to connect to the WiFi since we got here, which normally I’d be all, “Boo hoo, poor me, no WiFi in paradise,” but I have to work from the condo and, um, I kinda need the interwebs for that. I can get online if I plug my laptop directly into the router/modem, so when Mike threw up his hands in disgust this morning I just set up a little makeshift desk for myself using a laundry basket and a leaf from the table. I have no idea if or when anyone will fix this situation because thus far we have not had the best experience with our contact at the rental company (the one who didn’t answer any of our frantic phone calls when we couldn’t figure out how to get our key out of the secret lockbox in the wall of another building that is under a different company’s name… the one who told us our condo was on the third floor when it is on the 30th… the one who put a letter in our unit number, confusing both us and the security guard who showed us around…). But at least the cable router/modem works and I guess it’s not the worst thing ever to sit on the floor all day.

I didn’t want to do too much exploring after work because I’ve been itching to buy new swimwear for probably two years; I went to the mall on Ala Moana Boulevard. It. Is. Gigantic! I bought two new swimsuits and let some pretty Israeli girl talk me into buying an overpriced silk “magic dress,” which is what I imagine some brilliant Indian businessperson decided to call sarongs in order to sell them to white women. I stopped in at the Longs Drugs in the mall to discover that 1) it is basically a grocery store within the mall; and 2) it’s CVS. I don’t mean it’s like a CVS–it actually is CVS to the point they let me use my club card and I got that glorious yard of coupons on my receipt.

Mike’s first day ran long, as can be expected when you’re getting acclimated and meeting the staff and catching up. He ran into some more difficulties with the bus on his way home and when he finally got home I suggested we check out the condo’s hot tub to decompress before dinner. That would’ve been a great idea had there not been six children under the age of 10 doing cannonballs in it…

… so wine it is! We cracked open an $8 bottle from the grocery store after discovering the $3 sweet potato I bought YESTERDAY was bad already. I improvised and we had pork chops with sauteed red onion and pineapple. I’m relearning how to use an electric range so the chops weren’t up to my rigorous standards, but with a little OLD BAY they were pretty tasty. Yes, I brought OLD BAY to Hawaii. Eight years as a Marylander has led me to develop certain preferences. We also don’t have any other spices in the condo currently, which just made its way to the top of my to-do list tomorrow: Buy even more groceries.

We’ve hit some bumps in the road these first few days, as is to be expected. But I can’t stay mad at anything that gives me a good story later and I already have some doozies. YOLOHA!


One thought on “Day Three: Workin’ Hard for the Money

  1. You guys are doing GREAT. I follow your stories with great interest. This is a time you look back on fondly despite the occasional bump in the road. I’m really proud of both of you for having the courage to move several time zones away and start a new adventure. Hawaii is on my bucket list yet so scope out some cool places for us to visit in our old (older) age 🙂

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