Day Two: Duke’s on Sunday Is a Thing and It’s Awesome

We hit up our first ABC store today and it was pretty cool. I’m glad there’s one right across the street for all those little household things we’ll run out of regularly. Not having a car makes me really appreciate the prevalence of ABC stores in general. They’re everywhere!

Next we did a dry run of Mike’s bus route to work that did not go as well as I’d hoped. Neither of us is “good at” public transportation so the two of us trying to figure out the bus schedule was a comedy of errors. We did eventually get to his office building and scope out the area a little bit. We also both decided we were glad we didn’t opt for the hotel closest to his office because that area is more of a business district and we wouldn’t be as close to all the Waikiki spots we already love…

… like Duke’s Barefoot Bar. We met some of our online friends IRL for the first time while listening to the Henry Kapono Band (who, coincidentally, has a song called “Duke’s on Sunday”). We had some beers, got to know our new friends, danced, and Mike bought me a fresh lei. He assured me it smelled divine.


On the way home we stopped at Goofy Cafe & Dine for dinner. I had a pork sausage that was meh, but some purple sweet potatoes that were out of this freaking world. It was open-air seating, but it was a little cramped for my taste. It’s only a block from the condo, though, so we’ll probably go back.

We’re attempting to get into the ritual of winding down on the lanai because it overlooks a lot of cool stuff that’s all lit up at night, so that’s where we hung out beforeĀ turning in.


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