Day One: We Made It!

Our day started at 3:30 a.m. ET, which is tough when you’re not a morning person. Being two hours from the Philly airport meant we had a hard time finding someone who wanted to make a four-hour round trip for us, so we ended up bribing two of our friends to each take an hour leg of the drive. It worked out really well and we got to spend a little quality time with our friends en route to the airport.

All in all our entire trip here was mercifully smooth. Our flights were on time, we made friends on the second plane, and our luggage arrived with us. We neglected to plan ahead for our ride to the condo, though, so we did spend about half an hour aimlessly wandering around debating the merits of a shuttle, an Uber, or a cab. We ended up getting an Uber and our driver was an absolute delight who told us all about some great local spots.

We’re staying in a rental in the Discovery Bay Center’s Endeavor tower. The condo we’re staying in is a little dated, but otherwise it’s really great. We’re a couple of blocks from the beach, and we lucked out that we have a pretty sweet ocean view to boot (pictured above). We realized almost immediately that we don’t know how to work the WiFi and there are no instructions, so for now I’ll be hard-wiring my computer into the modem directly and working from the bedroom floor. #FirstWorldProblems

After pinching ourselves another dozen times and putting some stuff away we went to the Moana Surfrider Beach Bar for Mai Tais and poke wanton nachos. I cannot stress how pretty this property is; it’s right on the beach, the water is a gorgeous aquamarine, and the banyan trees are unreal. There was a guitar-ukulele duo playing while a hula dancer performed too. 11/10 will return. Probably weekly.

We scoped out the beach a bit before wandering back to our neighborhood. We popped into Snapper’s Sports Bar, which is apparently a Green Bay Packers bar. Who knew? This place hits all the right marks for a new favorite watering hole: It is literally steps from our condo; the drinks are inexpensive; the atmosphere is more local than touristy; and the bartenders are chill.

We ended the night hanging out on our lanai, listening to Hawaiian music, and sampling a bit of the local lychee vodka. The plan was to stay up as late as possible in an attempt to fast forward through some of the discomfort of switching to a time zone that’s six hours behind what you’re used to. I think we gave up and passed out before our heads hit the pillows at about 9:30 p.m. here (3:30 a.m. ET).


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